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 "Wire Wrapped Gemstones, Crystals and Beads ... with Copper, Brass , Stainless Steel, or Silver-coated Copper (85% copper in both Brass & Stainless Steel  for Crystals and Gemstones).  Each wrapped Gemstone comes with its own distinct Card containing detailed Information and of Healing qualities, unique to that stone.  The properties might reflect your needs.  There is also information that is based on the Ancient Science of Numerology, the number that particular stone Vibrates to.  Additionally, the card contains the Zodiac Symbol for the Stone and the Spirit Animal to which it may connect with. Clear your mind, from the every day Stress and dis-ease we are constantly exposed to the: "Mad Moment".  And Just BE. No stone will look exactly the same, and may vary in artistic wrapping, shape and size.  The cards are 5 x 7 and you may gauge the size of the stone accordingly.  All Items To Be Paid Via Paypal OR Check Just E-Mail Me for the Request Write to: 

Miriam's Milestones