#82a. Healer's WAND

This is surrounded with Hematite for grounding then added with Amethyst to connect you to the highest and best. When the 3 stones are combined you have all the tools you need to help your client or friend heal.

This Wand is 5 inches long 3

 Rows of Amethyst &Hematite

$36.00 Plus Shipping

#81. Chakra Balancer

Time to stop ignoring the Chakra's within. With your life in check, go through each Chakra 1-7 and try to spin the wheels in sinc with each other. With the Black, Blue and Green Kyanite, this pendant will guide and assist you in this journey.

$24.00 Plus Shipping

#76. Student's Aid

For those students in all of us at

all ages, who need an extra boost

in memory, focus, concentration .

(More information in Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

#73. Awaken Your Psychic Powers

Each stone and the combination will assist your desire to develop and awaken your inate ability to receive the gifts your were born with. To Open your 3rd eye.

(More detailed information is in the Card)

$22.00 Plus shipping

#74. "Goddess" Pendant

The Goddess energy has been through centuries the Icon of Feminine Strength & compassion. The combination of Crystal, Amethyst, Aventurine, Moonstone & Lepidolite connects us to our Higher Consciousness, Inspiring, and guiding us to the feminine energies we all possess.

(More detailed information in the Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

#75.  Heal & Recover

Sometimes a little divine intervention and concentration on our own body's, mind and spirit will bring about the healing and recovering you really need.

(More information in the Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping


Beautiful Quartz Crystal wrapped with round Beads consisting of: Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian & Garnet.  large is 2.5 inches in length

Quartz Points vary in sizes and may increase the price slightly

(More information in Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

72.Connect to Your Guide

 Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Unakite and of course Crystal allow you to feel the presence of the Spirits around you.  As you become acutely familiar with them, you may even hear their ancient wisdom. 

(More detailed information in the Card) 

$22.00 Plus Shipping


AND WE may get an AHA MOMENT, stuck in a rut; questioning your existance and purpose; or get Dejavue

What is it you need. Well, we sometimes need help



#77. *Prosperity*Wealth*Luck

The combination of these particular stones, plus your ability to truly believe and focus, will bring you the Prosperity. Remember Prosperity does not always mean money,

as there is more to life.

(More information in Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

#78. Protection

Black Tourmaline deflects negativity instead of absorbing it. Amethyst initiates higher wisdom and also sends strong protective energies. Snowflake Obsidian teaches us to seek the light in the dark by releasing anything of a lesser vibration.

(More  information in the Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

Miriam's Milestones


sp5. 2-Faces of the Moon

Labradorite & Moonstone Sister stones. Yin and Yang, light and Dark. Listen to the water going in and out like your breath.

(More information in the Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

sp1. Believe in Yourself

Crystal, Tiger's Eye & Citrine Chakra #1,#2,#3 & 6. When you feel emotionally explosive, manipulative, obsessed, lack of energy and require ambition and drive, with positive courageous confidence. This may be for you.

(More information in Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

sp3. Life is Beautiful

Crystal & Peridot-Look at this lush bright

Green stone, it makes you think of growth, warm, friendly thoughts.

Chakra #3 & 4,

The Heart, Protects you from Negativity

(More information in the Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

SP2. Heart & Soul

Rose Quartz rounds and Blue Topaz bundled around a natural Quart Crystal. This pendant will wrap your heart with protection as well as provide an outlet to forgive and let go. The Blue Kyanite protects and heals the possible open sores you wish to close. But you need to want this.

(More information in card)

 $22.00 Plus Shipping

#79. Handling Loss

("Blessings Not Losses")

If you have had loss, whether it is family, relationships, business, anything you loved, this pendant will help you to release the PAIN and move on. The combination of Rhodonite, Lepidolite and others

(More information in Card)

$22.00 Plus Shipping

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